Sports Acupuncture

Naturally Treat Joint and Muscle Pain

Janet Lee, L.Ac., DACM, Dipl. OM, performs acupuncture for athletes, a natural approach to reducing the joint and muscle aches and pains, injuries and stiffness that are often associated with participation in sports and regular exercise. Whether you’re an avid runner, cyclist, triathlete, yogi, golfer or a weekend warrior in the Kansas City or Overland Park area, acupuncture can help minimize aches and pains and help heal injuries faster. (Janet is also a yoga instructor, certified exercise physiologist and corrective exercise specialist with more than 20 years of experience working with sports and fitness enthusiasts.)

A complementary therapy often used in combination with traditional Western medicine, acupuncture involves penetrating the skin with small needles that stimulate specific points of the body but that also have systemic effects throughout the body. It has been shown to help eliminate acute and chronic pain. Acupuncture also promotes quicker recovery as it improves blood flow and muscle relaxation and tries to get at the underlying cause of pain and injuries. It’s important to treat the underlying issue and not simply mask the symptoms using prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Acupuncture Also Promotes Better Sleep, Improves Mood, and More


Sports acupuncture goes beyond treating aches, pain or injuries. Because it promotes better sleep, improves mood, enhances muscle balance and helps regulate hormones, acupuncture boosts overall health, which enhances performance in any sport or workout— or just in life. Sports acupuncture provides benefits that are long lasting, whereas painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications typically only provide short-term relief. To learn more, Janet Lee invites those in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas to contact Vitality Holistic Medicine at 917-855-1579.