“It takes a village” applies to raising a family and creating a family. I can offer a lot of helpful advice, but I’ve curated some other sources who may be able to help you on your path to expanding your family, having a healthy pregnancy and thriving during the post-natal period as well.

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At least 10 percent of women in the U.S. will have a hard time getting and staying pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Some sources indicate infertility is greatly under reported and as many as a quarter of women may face problems trying to conceive (TTC). But the stats don’t really matter when it’s you who’s having difficulty getting pregnant, do they?

Instead of treating infertility, I like to look at it as enhancing fertility. I think of TTC as a spectrum. On one end is “severely challenged” — blocked or missing tubes, structural issues in the uterus or severe health issues — and on the other is “no problems at all” (sometimes known as “oops!”) Everyone falls somewhere on the continuum. My job is to help you move along it toward ideal health and the ability to conceive.

Spot Problem “Swimmers”

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Women tend to shoulder the brunt of fertility problems, but the male partner also plays a huge role. “Male factor” fertility challenges are an issue 40 to 50% of the time. A man’s lifestyle, family history and current health picture all impact fertility.

If you haven’t had a semen analysis, it’s an important part of the fertility workup that shouldn’t be discounted. I’ve partnered with Fellow to make it easy to get it done at home. It’s fast, affordable, accurate and discreet. You’ll get a breakdown of the various sperm factors and where you stand. Go to and enter the code VITALITYHOLISTIC for a $20 discount.

Check Your Hormones

If you’re just trying to figure out if there might be a problem or not sure where to go next, a simple hormone test can help spot any red flags. I’ve also partnered with Modern Fertility, which offers easy, affordable, accurate fertility hormone testing, including for TSH, FSH, LH and AMH. Use this Modern Fertility link to get $10 off a hormone test.

Fertility and Pregnancy Massage

My practice is located inside of the Centered Spirit Cultural & Holistic Center. Owners Alex and Emilie Jackson have the best energy and strive to be of service in the community. As a massage therapist, Alex specializes in abdominal massage and works frequently with clients who are struggling with fertility or who have gastrointestinal issues, trauma, pelvic floor disorders or other challenges. I highly recommend him if you’re struggling with endometriosis, a “tipped” uterus, blocked tubes and more. Shawna Patton works with Alex and also specializes in pre- and post-natal massage. I highly recommend them both! Click here to schedule or get more information. 

Read Up!

Trouble Feeding Your Newborn

If your newborn is having feeding difficulties, KC Infant Feeding can help. Founders Emily Winters and Morgan Tishman have been in your shoes and have extensive experience working with neonates and beyond. They understand the challenges and the physical, emotional and mental toll it can take on both parent and baby.

Circle of Healing

Myofascial release (MFR) is a huge part of my work whenever I’m dealing with injuries or pain and sometimes even for fertility. One of the best tools I’ve found for this is RAD balls. Incorporating these into your yoga or stretching routine can improve blood flow to help reduce pain, improve range of motion and potentially boost performance. I especially love the small black and blue balls that come as part of the RAD Rounds package. These are perfect for massaging your feet and hands; you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make!